Root Canal Therapy

(or Endodontic Therapy)

When the damage has progressed to the deeper layers of the tooth and the germs (bacteria) have affected the blood vessels and nerves of the pulp, then the dentist will proceed in endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) of the tooth. During endodontic treatment (root canal), the dentist will make a hole in the top of your tooth and remove the dead or diseased pulp, using a fluid that helps to get rid of any infection. When your root treatment is finished, the dentist will seal your tooth to prevent infection and further damage.

The process of endodontic (root canal) is usually completed in 1-2 appointments (sessions) except in some cases where more visits may be required. If there is a risk that your tooth may become damaged again, your dentist may suggest having a crown fitted. This is an artificial cap that fits over the tooth to prevent deterioration.

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